Mediation Defined: An interactive process where parties engage in discussion and attempt to resolve any issues in dispute between them. The parties decide the agenda. The mediator facilitates the discussion. All decisions are made by the parties. The mediator has no stake in the outcome. It is a private process. Attorneys are welcome in the process to represent client interests.


Civil disputes- labor; employment; business;  education/school; consumer purchases; neighborhood; family: divorce, companionship, property division, elder care, intra familial, never married, child support; Probate


  • Mediator Better Business Bureau of Central Ohio
  • Foreclosure mediation, Delaware County Ohio
  • Mediator for the State of Ohio and OCSEA/AFSCME, Local 11, AFL-CIO grievance mediation
  • Mediator for the US Postal Service REDRESS program
  • Mediator Project SMART  for Columbus Public Schools truancy program
  • State Employment Relations Board Fact finder and Conciliator
  • Certified mediator, Franklin andLicking   County Court of Domestic Relations (Rule 16)
  • EEOC contract mediator
  • Coach and judge for trainees and law students in mediation role playing
  • Co-Mediator-Franklin County Probate Court


Conflict Management Services; Ohio State Bar Association; Columbus Bar Association; US Postal Service; National Association of Securities Dealers/FINRA; Academy of Family Mediators; Association for Conflict Resolution; American Family and Conciliation Courts; Franklin County Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court; EEOC; Supreme Court of Ohio; Commission on Conflict Resolution; Ohio Mediation Association; Capital University Law School


I am trained in the seven stages, five stage and the transformative models.  I am able to evaluate the particular client needs and perform services accordingly. At all mediation sessions I follow the client’s lead. I am flexible yet structured.  I actively seek agreement when charged with that mission. I am organized and use that trait to facilitate productive sessions.


I accept and recognize that not all conflicts can be successfully mediated. Having been involved for eighteen years as a litigator, I see a much higher client satisfaction rate in mediation. The parties decide what they want to resolve and the manner of resolution. I am honored by being a party to the disputants’ willingness to engage in the hard work of conflict resolution. My mission is to bring peace and reason to stressful situations.